A Message on Clearing and Stabalizing your field of Conciousness.

There is a very consistent message that is streaming forth in these days regarding the Massive energies of Christed Light frequencies that are in play on the planet at this time.  There is the potential for disruption to the mental and emotional body’s as these frequencies begin to energetically entwine in your field, they are causing many to have core wounding to surface again, much of which was believed to have been resolved.

When an individual believes they have cleared an energetic which was disturbing them and blocking them from manifesting there highest potential, and then it resurfaces again, there is the tendency to slip back into,” I’m not OK” as well as the habit of grabbing a hold of it; “why is this hear again” “I thought I dealt with this, cleared this.”

These energetics are simply being highlighted so that you may put an Attention point on the fragment of what you have left to remove from your field.  Understood, that it may not seem so simple when the pain of past trauma shows itself in any form, especially when you have worked SO hard for the ground you now stand on. Be aware that the ground you have created for yourself IS a firm foundation for you to move forward on. It is still there, even though something else may more fully have your Attention at the moment. But also be Aware that this may not be the time for moving forward and instead it is the time to be standing very still on that foundation. Indeed it is imperative that you do take the time, from this busy season, to be still, and to clear whatever is coming up for you.

Using the energies of Balance brought in by this solstice. From Capable, Grounded and Balanced, take out the book of you and as you reflect and begin to flip through the pages just NOTICE the passages that are being Highlighted for you at this time. Do your best to stay out of the emotional body, use your tools! For those without tools, see the links below, as well as beginning to seek them out, you will want them going forward.  For most it will be some flavor of Separation: Not Good Enough, Left Out, Alone, Abandoned… the list goes on.  Why? Because you’re leaving Separation consciousness and moving back into a 5th dimensional Unity consciousness and you can’t take your baggage with you.

For many, the Holiday season brings times of being re-immersed into there family’s of origin, these relationships, indeed relationships of all kinds will highlight areas that are no longer your truth. For those that are wanting to move into higher levels of conscious awareness, these times can be looked at as opportunities for you to see more clearly and examine feelings and energetics that are presenting themselves for clearing so that you may move further into your Authenticity.

Now that I’m looking at it, how do I clear it? Start with a Breathe, and as you exhale pull your attention to standing on the foundation you have built, Certainty, Capability, Balanced.  Feel the vibration of those words. From there, use whatever clearing tools you have access to. The Rose or the Violet Flame are superior for this type of work.  Use the Breathe as you hold the INENTION to clear whatever is coming up for you. Stay in this cycle for as long as it takes to feel the tension begin to release. At this time of gift giving, give this most precious GIFT of clarity to YOURSELF. Be easy on yourself, jumping from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension is not something most people do every day!

The days, weeks, months and year ahead are the moments that you have wished for, hoped for and prayed for in your darkest hours. The Christed Consciousness is returning to the planet. You are not alone, nor have you ever been alone. Soon all of this will be revealed.

Much Love and Light

~ For further resources please see the post entitled Packing Up Your 2013 Boxes or For the Children for a example of the use of The Rose for clearing.


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