What Personal Year are You in? 2017!!


**This  post was originally published 3 years ago around this time, It is being republished as it was originally posted with the exception of the date changes at the bottom for calculation purposes.

Virtually, anyone who has had any level of conversation with me since the beginning of the year knows how intrigued I am by the numerology of the Personal Year. Some may argue that I’m actually bordering being obsessed with it. Most of my hang ups are confined to the realm of hunky male actors. This enamorement shifts from time to time, usually landing back on Robert Downy Jr, although the title is currently being held by the very cute Jeremy Renner. Love delusions aside,  I found myself feeling the shift in my own numbers so strongly after the first of the year, that I couldn’t help but start to calculate the numbers of those around me. Every  person that I spoke to, and then conveyed the meaning of the number was astounded to find the accuracy in the number, or if they were not feeling it yet, were interested in understanding and knowing more about the energies of the year to come for them.

There is so much helpful information in knowing what Personal Year you are going into, and more importantly I believe that we are Feeling the vibrations of these numbers more than ever before. Numerology and Astrology have always influenced us in unseen ways, however, I’ve also noticed that as our consciousness has grown throughout the shift, our sensitivity and awareness of unseen influences and energies has also grown. Numerology is one of these categories where we are feeling the vibrations of the numbers even more than before. If you have noticed a significant shift in the way you feel about things in your life, what is happening in your life since the beginning of the year, or are just curious about what this year might have in store for you , you may want to take a look at your Personal Year number.

Knowing your Personal Year can help predict changes that may occur through the year and give you an idea of what type of energies to expect. Every year we shift, perceptions change, new opportunities are presented to us and different things feel important. Some say the changes can be felt as early as mid-December, but become stronger as the year go on.  Numerology is a huge area of study! There was a sweetheart of a guy on Facebook who actually did a full report for me, it was close to 80 pages long! I absolutely loved all of the information contained within it, however, if you are sort of all set with that level of know thyself, then you might just want to get a general overview by knowing your Personal Year. Below is how to calculate the Personal Year number as well as two of the better websites I found for meanings. The Carol Adrienne site also has fantastic and what I have found to be incredibly accurate weekly forecasts, based on your Personal Year! Have Fun with this!!

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2017:

    Simply add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2017.

    For example, if your birthday is June (6th month) 15th,  add

           Month  +   Day  + 2017 = Personal Year

           0 + 6  +  1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 +  7 = 22;  2+2= 4; Your in a 4 Personal Year in 2017




  1. Having so much fun with this new bit of information! Thank you!

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