Alchemy of Love


Returning to the Love that you are, has the potential to be quite the arduous process when approached from an external view of what is wrong with me, I’m broken, and or I need to fix myself. The external concepts of Not Good Enough and Self-Judgment along with the nefarious tendency to not Love yourself, all lead to a confusion of energetics that can be difficult at best to work your way through.

Centering yourself in the Love that you are, and accepting this as your starting point, has great advantages in the Alchemical Healing process of returning to the Love that you are. From the still point in the Heart you are able to hold the frequency of Love, which has the great Power and Capability of burning away much of the mutated energies that lead you to the separation and disconnect. From this still point, immersed in the frequency of Love, you have the advantage of observing without judging or blaming and just noticing the vibrations and energies of what is no longer comfortable to have in your space.

From this noticing place, of Neutrality and Ease you may begin the Letting Go process. Letting Go is not always an easy process and indeed can be one of the most difficult things that a human being must contend with in his or her life. However, when you truly let go there is wave of freedom and expansion, an opening that comes to you, to be filled once again, by the Love that you are.

Forgiveness for all that has been is the next step in this process of returning to the Love that you are. Forgiveness for all that has come before this Now moment, for your perceived wrongs and the wrong doings of others, Forgiveness is a pathway back home to your Heart and all that resides there.

“A Rose in the garden is still a Rose even if it is wilted and covered with mildew” – Yeshua, Love without End

As the Sun shines upon the Rose, reducing the dis-ease and fueling it with its Light, so it does upon you. You as well have the Capacity to simply stand in your Beingness of the Love that you are, and Allowing the Sun to Shine upon and from Within you, clearing away all that troubles you as you begin to invoke the Oneness that you are.

“The most important choice you were ever given was to be the Love that you are, or not…..” – Yeshua, Love without End


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