Alchemy of Light


Waves of Light run in, through and around you. Some frequency’s of Light, as in the Light in the rainbow spectrum can be seen with the naked eye. Other ranges are not seen, yet are very active, purposeful and useful when engaged with and used properly.

Similar to how  plants and other living organisms convert Light Rays into a chemical energy in a process known as photosynthesis, both your physical body as well as other aspects of your being uses Light for a variety of functions.

Bringing more Light into your system involves letting go of much of who you are not. Who you are not, involves vibrations that tend to be denser and heavier i.e. anger, resentment, judgment, as well as the conclave of fear energies, and/or off shoots of any these concepts.  These energies keep you marred into a world that has similar mutations and ultimately is not who you are. Bringing more Light into the body, allows you to begin to release some of these density’s. How much you remove depends on how much exploring you are willing to do. It can be an interesting process.

Waves of Light which have been coming onto the planet for some time are essentially asking you to both Let go of who you are not, all that is no longer serving you and then Expand into who you are. You are being asked to remember your own Light, as well as to recognize and honor the Light in others, as well as Creator. And ultimately that all is One. Recognize that these Light Codes are assisting you and all of us in the move from Separation Consciousness back into Unity Consciousness.



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