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promopicture Alchemy Teacher, Authentic Life Guide and Metaphysical Writer.

Holding an long time and immense Love and Passion for assisting others on their personal journey, Jasmine Heffernan, is a second generation metaphysician. Her father held the position of President of the Boston chapter of the Theosophical Society of America and her mother researched and practiced holistic care in the home, hence Jasmine was raised with an emphasis on the spiritual aspects of Being from the beginning of her life. She was exposed to variety of philosophical thought, world religions, and alternative holistic practices. Gravitating quite naturally to metaphysics in her late teens she began her own journey with studies into the nature of the soul. Feeling early on that she would some day have a bigger role to play in helping others she studied and received a Bachelors degree from Suffolk University in Communications with a double minor in Philosophy and Psychology.

Entering on her own healing path she became certified in multiple healing modalities while she continued her in depth research of metaphysics and alternative and holistic care. Owning and operating her own metaphysical book store and healing center for a number of years, she became a live resource for people to access when they entered the store.  A natural intuitive, Jasmine’s Spiritual gifts emerged and grew as she began her study’s in the Mastering Alchemy Programs. Dedicated to both the study and application of the material presented, she was incredibly honored when she was certified to teach the Mastering Alchemy courses.


CONTACT: Jasmine can be reached via email at  alchemywriter@gmail.com

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