Peace Begins at Home

imagesRLHQBYDMThe escalating violence and warring mentality come’s as no surprise to many who have been watching the developments of The Shift upon the planet in recent years. Anyone who has had any level of personal transformation understands the process of old wounds, fears, and other emotions rising to the surface to be dealt with and cleared, all of this occurs so that the individual can become clearer and have an opportunity to start anew. With the amount of Light now coming onto the planet, and that will continue to come onto the planet, tension’s will continue to rise to the surface. Anything that is not fully in the Light, will continue to be called out, Lies, Manipulation, Hidden Agendas, Power and Control over, called out SO things can be transformed, and the old can be released.  This is happening for the Good of ALL. This process is also occurring in the personal lives of many at this same time; As Above, So Below.  

The link between the escalation of the outside world and the energetic shifting that individuals have been doing, is clear and has been noticeable for some time now.

Many people are in some level of conflict or flat out combat within the relationship’s in their own personal lives. Jobs and identities attached to those jobs have been lost, relationships have faltered, there has been hurt, abuse, betrayal, lies and manipulation playing out in all sorts of patterns. Layers of mutated densities have played out again and again, creating very strong energetic templates that many have a difficult time stepping out of.

Relationships can be a mirror to oneself, therefore the actual war and the one that is absolutely necessary to stop is the internal one. For the most part, people don’t like themselves very much. And there, right there, is the starting point of the battle, because who you are, is Love. And how can you not like Love?? It’s absurd! And of course your Higher Self, Soul/Spirit which is also you, knows this foolishness! Mass numbers of people right now are struggling with their inner critic, or their victim/rescuer patterning,  issues of lack or isolation and the ever prevalent energy of not good enough.

The amount of Light and Love that is filtering though the cosmos at this time is monumental and unparalleled.  It is this Light and Love that is being presented in, through and around you that is causing the denser vibrations within each individual to rise to the surface. So the contrast of who you are vs who you are not can be seen! So the Truth can be seen!

You have the ultimate opportunity to clear any of these things from a very deep soul level at this time. There is the choice NOT to step out of the patterns, a very uncomfortable choice, but a choice nonetheless.

Guidance and Leadership is important at this time, but it is ones own Guidance and ones own Leadership that one must attune to. Using ones own guidance moves them into a leadership role in there own lives, thereby leading themselves to  greater Healing, Peace and Balance in there own lives.

Once these pieces begin to transmute and new levels of Self-Acceptance and Self-Love begin to be integrated and accepted in ones Being, then the interpersonal relationship dynamics that have been playing out have a much better chance at being healed or released and let go of and new ones formed and created based on the new energy patterns the person is omitting.

As each individual shifts the war inside themselves, then the ripple effect from the microcosmic orbit to the macrocosm is engaged. Peace Begins at Home.








Packing up your 2013 Boxes

violet flame2

There’s a whole new year on the horizon and your feeling like you would like to experience a new you. You’re ready to move forward and embrace the new. You’re Open, Excited and Passionate about the possibilities that await you. You’re setting out with the best of intentions, but something about those intentions seems familiar. Didn’t you make this same resolution last year? And the year before that?  The question really becomes, what has prevented you from being successful with those goals thus far in your life? In order to let the new in, you must to let the old go.

How many of you have made one New Year’s Resolution after another, ready to lose weight, be healthier, be happier, have more success, only to have these wishes fall apart within weeks of that promising January 1st date.

One of the reasons these New Year’s resolutions do not work, is because the blockages in the form of habits and energetic patterns are still there. Essentially you are still running old programs that are not supporting you in your new direction.

With the closing of the 3rd dimension back in 2012, it became increasingly easier to dissolve these old habits that are no longer serving you. Once the blockages are removed, the “new” that you’re wanting to attract has a more open, flowing pathway. There are many ways to move energy, and some assembly is required in every modality. In other words, take the time to sit and bring in the awareness of what the underlying pattern, habit, energy is that has been preventing you from reaching your desired goals.  Awareness is the key, and more than half the battle.  Some possible underlying energetics could include: Addiction, Laziness, Shame, Anger, Resentment, Lack. Once you’ve identified what you want to remove, you can follow these five super easy steps to dissolve the blocks:

  1. Think of something you no long want in your life. I want to be more organized this year. I will start to work on that pile of papers tomorrow or maybe next week sometime. Procrastination is the habit.
  2. Visualize a box, see the energy of whatever you’re looking to remove, going into the box, seal the box and label it. In this case Procrastination.
  3. Call in (ask for) and visualize the Violet Flame of Transmutation.
  4. Put the box in the Violet Flame and watch it as it burn’s and transmutes the energy back to All That Is.
  5. Be in an energy of Gratitude, Appreciation and Forgiveness for whatever the lessons were that you have been learning from what was in the box, everything serves.

If you find a pattern re-emerging, be still for a moment, take a breath and blaze the violet flame! It really is that simple.

violet flame