Sensitive Souls

This world can be such a harsh place for the sensitive souls. The poets, the artists, the lovers and the dreamers rarely escape unscathed from the heaviness that gets thrust upon them. For much of their life their exposed to and find themselves enduring Betrayal, Abuse and Neglect from those that are supposed to Love and Accept them the most. All too often they are then co-infected and become completely stifled by the lingering wounds of Judgment, one of the most harmful and destructive energies one human being can inflict onto another.

Even once some of the initial wounding is healed, they remain, suffering and bleeding from the deep cuts that Judgment has put into their space. Unable to accept themselves as they are, their soul’s becomes tormented with “not good enough.” Not good enough to be, to thrive, to love and be loved, and to create the very beauty that they came here to create.
All healing begins with the individual, the individual’s willingness to heal and do the work necessary to pull themselves from the trenches. But WE can do more, more now than ever to assist them on their healing journey. We, that have healed, that know the pain and have the tools can channel our Love and Passion into opening a road for these beautiful souls to walk down.

Hold open the doors to Shamballa for them, by holding the energies of Love, Joy and total Acceptance for yourself….. AND them, let them ride that wave all the way in to the vastness of their creative potentials and watch them create their poetry, music and art. How amazing will it be, to begin to watch TRUE beauty expand its embrace filling us ALL with even more lifeblood and love of life!

~ Jasmine

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with Passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love, these are what we stay alive for!” ~ Dead poets society

Connection Points

Is it not the little things that we experience in this life that matter most to our hearts? Our hearts have voices that have been shut away in silence for far too long, yet there are little intimacy’s that come along to remind us, that the heart is there, begging to be opened, and that there is inside you a soul who desperately wants to  come out to play.

How can you not fall into the sweetness that blooms from the hug of a 2 or 3 year old child? Their innocence of life draped around you, like warm waters lapping the shoreline of some secret and secluded pond. Holding a newborn baby in your arms, the gentle touch of a lover’s hand, the knowing look between timeless friends, the silent speechless moments of connection where we can find no words and our language becomes a thing of limitation. These are the flashes of time that we take with us when our journey here is done.

It’s the encounters with the souls that come into our lives that emphasize the need for us to laugh often, those who prompt us to listen and dance to the music, forever reminding us that it is safe to be here, that there is a sacred weave to life, all leaving us thanking whatever god’s we have, that we are not alone.

Isn’t that what has brought us to the slathering of tears and the depths of longing, the feeling of utter aloneness, and not being understood.  We are beings utterly exhausted from struggling to fit in, be accepted and be perfect. We have learned to hide so well from ourselves, from our authenticity and from each other. I urge you to give up the monumental undertaking of trying to be perfect on an imperfect stage, instead witness the perceived imperfections as part of this whole comical screen play we call life. Stop trying to be accepted by everyone and everything, you are not going to fit in everywhere you go,  and not everyone is going to accept you, ultimately that that has nothing to do with you.

Be fierce in the acceptance of yourself and embrace the unique magic within you. Nobody can be you! The souls that are meant to find you will come, they’re awaiting your arrival as well, you must trust this. You will know them when you see them, it will be in the feeling, an almost tangible resonance will be around.  There will be no more hiding and comparing yourselves to others, for these companions will love you as you are.  Sit wide open, with your arms around these little things that matter the most, these little connection points we find along the way.  Color outside the lines, sing songs, walk barefoot on this beautiful planet earth, and allow yourself, however briefly or lengthy it may be, to be touched by another’s soul.


Peace Begins at Home

imagesRLHQBYDMThe escalating violence and warring mentality come’s as no surprise to many who have been watching the developments of The Shift upon the planet in recent years. Anyone who has had any level of personal transformation understands the process of old wounds, fears, and other emotions rising to the surface to be dealt with and cleared, all of this occurs so that the individual can become clearer and have an opportunity to start anew. With the amount of Light now coming onto the planet, and that will continue to come onto the planet, tension’s will continue to rise to the surface. Anything that is not fully in the Light, will continue to be called out, Lies, Manipulation, Hidden Agendas, Power and Control over, called out SO things can be transformed, and the old can be released.  This is happening for the Good of ALL. This process is also occurring in the personal lives of many at this same time; As Above, So Below.  

The link between the escalation of the outside world and the energetic shifting that individuals have been doing, is clear and has been noticeable for some time now.

Many people are in some level of conflict or flat out combat within the relationship’s in their own personal lives. Jobs and identities attached to those jobs have been lost, relationships have faltered, there has been hurt, abuse, betrayal, lies and manipulation playing out in all sorts of patterns. Layers of mutated densities have played out again and again, creating very strong energetic templates that many have a difficult time stepping out of.

Relationships can be a mirror to oneself, therefore the actual war and the one that is absolutely necessary to stop is the internal one. For the most part, people don’t like themselves very much. And there, right there, is the starting point of the battle, because who you are, is Love. And how can you not like Love?? It’s absurd! And of course your Higher Self, Soul/Spirit which is also you, knows this foolishness! Mass numbers of people right now are struggling with their inner critic, or their victim/rescuer patterning,  issues of lack or isolation and the ever prevalent energy of not good enough.

The amount of Light and Love that is filtering though the cosmos at this time is monumental and unparalleled.  It is this Light and Love that is being presented in, through and around you that is causing the denser vibrations within each individual to rise to the surface. So the contrast of who you are vs who you are not can be seen! So the Truth can be seen!

You have the ultimate opportunity to clear any of these things from a very deep soul level at this time. There is the choice NOT to step out of the patterns, a very uncomfortable choice, but a choice nonetheless.

Guidance and Leadership is important at this time, but it is ones own Guidance and ones own Leadership that one must attune to. Using ones own guidance moves them into a leadership role in there own lives, thereby leading themselves to  greater Healing, Peace and Balance in there own lives.

Once these pieces begin to transmute and new levels of Self-Acceptance and Self-Love begin to be integrated and accepted in ones Being, then the interpersonal relationship dynamics that have been playing out have a much better chance at being healed or released and let go of and new ones formed and created based on the new energy patterns the person is omitting.

As each individual shifts the war inside themselves, then the ripple effect from the microcosmic orbit to the macrocosm is engaged. Peace Begins at Home.








Alchemy of Love


Returning to the Love that you are, has the potential to be quite the arduous process when approached from an external view of what is wrong with me, I’m broken, and or I need to fix myself. The external concepts of Not Good Enough and Self-Judgment along with the nefarious tendency to not Love yourself, all lead to a confusion of energetics that can be difficult at best to work your way through.

Centering yourself in the Love that you are, and accepting this as your starting point, has great advantages in the Alchemical Healing process of returning to the Love that you are. From the still point in the Heart you are able to hold the frequency of Love, which has the great Power and Capability of burning away much of the mutated energies that lead you to the separation and disconnect. From this still point, immersed in the frequency of Love, you have the advantage of observing without judging or blaming and just noticing the vibrations and energies of what is no longer comfortable to have in your space.

From this noticing place, of Neutrality and Ease you may begin the Letting Go process. Letting Go is not always an easy process and indeed can be one of the most difficult things that a human being must contend with in his or her life. However, when you truly let go there is wave of freedom and expansion, an opening that comes to you, to be filled once again, by the Love that you are.

Forgiveness for all that has been is the next step in this process of returning to the Love that you are. Forgiveness for all that has come before this Now moment, for your perceived wrongs and the wrong doings of others, Forgiveness is a pathway back home to your Heart and all that resides there.

“A Rose in the garden is still a Rose even if it is wilted and covered with mildew” – Yeshua, Love without End

As the Sun shines upon the Rose, reducing the dis-ease and fueling it with its Light, so it does upon you. You as well have the Capacity to simply stand in your Beingness of the Love that you are, and Allowing the Sun to Shine upon and from Within you, clearing away all that troubles you as you begin to invoke the Oneness that you are.

“The most important choice you were ever given was to be the Love that you are, or not…..” – Yeshua, Love without End