Tools for Kids!

MaryThe simplicity of both The Rose and The Grounding Cord lend themselves to the ease of use for children. I have used them both with my own children and other children with great success for years.

The Rose can help your child clear out his or her day at school and other peoples energy that has surrounded the child while away from home. Quite simply, upon your child’s return home from school, have your son or daughter create a Rose right out in front of them. Have them ask the Rose to collect up their day, clearing out all of the energy that is not theirs, as well as where they have left themselves throughout the day.

Give them a few minutes as they breathe, and when they feel they are ready have them explode the Rose like a firework on the fourth of July, sending  all of the energy back to where it came from. Have them create a second Rose if they feel they need to in order to continue clearing unwanted energies from their space. Have them use there own intuition on where or what they feel like they want to clear, they are Big Beings and will now what to do with this.

The Rose can also be used to help them delineate space. Have them place an imaginary Rose about arms length out in front of them. Have them play with walking around with this Rose in front of them. Have them bring the Rose in as part of their morning routine, have breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, Rose!


The Grounding cord has also been hugely beneficial for many children I know and work with. Especially for those that have trouble focusing on school work and homework!

Again, simply, have them close their eyes and use their imagination to create an image of a tree trunk, or a pipe, or a beam of Light and have them connect one end of their image to the lowest part of their spine. Ask them to feel the connection. Have them “see” the other end of the line drop down and connect strongly to the center of the earth. Remind them to breath, as they give the command for the grounding chord to turn on. Again have them take another breath as they ask the grounding cord to take away any distracting thoughts and/or emotions. Have them just notice what they notice. There is not wrong way to do this, they can’t get it wrong!



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