Karmic Clearing Classes!

Clearing Karmic Relationships
Saturday November 12th 10:00AM~11:30AM
Clearing Your Own Contracts
Saturday November 12th 12:00PM~1:30PM

Just prior to the Holidays is a fantastic time to do all kinds of clearing work. The Holiday season brings family and friends directly into our space. Sometimes we have created distance from others for various reasons, but this time of year many situations become unavoidable.

The added business of the holidays on top of unresolved or uncleared family wounding can result in a massively increased stress factor!   YOU CAN CHANGE THIS!
Clearing out old energetics of relationships…..the karmic contracts and agreements that are no longer serving you and learning how to hold “neutral” is the first step towards Freedom!
The first class focus’s on clearing the Karmic patterns that you have been playing out in your life, sometimes your whole life with others! Family, husband/wife, friends, business partners!
The second class helps you break the energetic hold on your life today caused by vows and agreements you have taken in previous lifetimes! If you feel as if “something” is holding you back, if you are feeling stuck or are acting in ways that you know are not in your best interest, it could very well be old contracts, agreements or vows that is creating a  block in your current life. Everything is energy!
                This is a very powerful experience that shifts things very rapidly!


Saturday, November 12th, 10:00AM – 11:30AM ~ Clearing Karmic Relationships


Saturday, November 12th, 12:00PM- 1:30PM ~ Clearing Your Own Contracts


Attend Both Classes! Saturday, November 12th Clearing Relationships and Your Own Contracts


Hanover, MA

Email Jasmine at alchemywriter@gmail.com or text 781-953-8059 if you are interested in staying updated on the upcoming dates for this class!

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