Sun Burns Happen!

My very fair skinned 16 year old daughter went to the beach the other day loaded down with beach towels, sunglasses, and sunblock. Upon her arrival home, the cooked lobster colored skin on her back showed me clearly where her hand couldn’t quite reach with the SPF 50. Calendula to the rescue! I happen to have a bottle of Calendula Lotion by Boiron in the cabinet. Not only did it provide soothing to the sunburn skinned, the sunburn was healing well by the next day!!

Calendula officinalis, also known as pot marigold or garden marigold, has been used for centuries to heal wounds and skin irritations. Calendula has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, antifungal, antiviral, properties making it useful for disinfecting and treating minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, chapped or chafed  skin, bruises, burns, athlete’s foot, acne, yeast infections, bee stings, diaper rashes, and other minor irritations and infections of the skin.


Most health food stores carry calendula soaps, oils, lotions, salves, and creams. Herb stores also supply bulk dried flowers, tincture, and calendula succus, which is made by extracting the fresh juice from the leaves and young flowers and preserving it with a bit of alcohol. Calendula succus is popular among naturopathic physicians, who use it during minor surgical procedures (to help heal the incision) and topically on skin wounds and infections.

Calendula can be used to make compress’s, spray’s, salves, oil’s etc. I definitely want to take some time out to make some of my own little Calendula creations,  in the mean time, with kids going to the beach and winding up with unintentional burns to the skin, The Boiron Homeopathic Lotion is a fantastic product that I definitely plan to  always have on hand!

You can order Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Calendula Lotion at (see below link) or check your local health food store.


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Summer Solstice 101

earth_sun1On Saturday, June 21st, the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate the longest day of the calendar year. The word, Solstice,  comes from the Latin,  sol (sun) and stare or sistere (to stand or stop). Thus, Solstice means “sun stands still”.  The sun appears to halt in its  journey across the sky.

The summer solstice, has been celebrated by many cultures around the world since ancient times. The Egyptians built the Great Pyramids so that the sun, when viewed from the Sphinx, sets precisely between two of the pyramids on the summer solstice.

Archaeologists discovered the remains of an astronomical observatory in a buried Maya city, in Guatemala in which the buildings were designed to align with the sun during the solstices. During these times, people gathered at the observatory to watch as their king appeared and command the heavens. Stonehenge has been associated with Summer Solstice celebrations for at least 5,000 years. The list goes on.

For me these historical references of the Solstice always bring to mind that scene out of Raiders of the Lost Arc, when Indiana Jones puts the Staff of Ra in the correct position in the map room, and  as the sun comes up, the sunlight moves along the wall and floor and then catches the top of the headpiece… the ray of light shines through, it is magnified and sends a tiny beam of light toward one building in the miniature city. The focused light causes an intense, radiant glow to flood the scene….love that scene. O

Even though, the scene from Raiders of the Lost Arc is the Sunrise of the day and not about the Solstice, the scene is very much about the Light and the Light showing you the way.

So what are we celebrating at the Solstice? We are celebrating the Light. The ancient’s were celebrating the Light of consciousness, within you, and within every person on planet earth. It is a time to reflect upon the potential’s for the consciousness of the planet.  It symbolizes the Ascension found in many great spiritual teachings – and the return to a wholeness in which the Mother Goddess, the Father God and the Son (you) become one great consciousness.

So, even if you have no elaborate rituals planned, and are not planning any reconstruction projects around your house to pick up precise beams of Light to stream into your home,  do take at least a few moments out of the day to honor the Light. The Light within you, the Light of others and the Light of our Beautiful Planet Earth. Breath in the Light and allow it to permeate your Being. Feel yourself bathed in the Light. See yourself, your Loved ones and our Beautiful Mother Earth  surrounded and embraced by the Light.


Being Here on Purpose


You chose to come into form at this time, on this planet for a very particular reason. Reasons that only you know, reasons you may not even remember right now, fully, but there is a sense, a sense of why you came and a feeling of aspiration. You feel that desire deep within you at times, that longing for something more, to know your purpose and fulfill it. Your subtle senses pick up the vibration of freedom and ease that comes to you in a future time moment, no more pushing against. If only you could find it. Why are you here?

The Shift continues to bring up challenges for all of us, deep, big and sometimes very painful. You feel alone, you think your separate, for the suffering is what you see and the chaos all around you is what you feel. It is what you are all to familiar with. But there is another reality, a bigger reality underneath all of that. And you are NOT alone. There is more help for you than you can possibly imagine, just waiting in the wings, waiting to be called upon.

There was a time, a time before you came into your body, where you leaned into the wind and you looked, and there were many around you standing at your side. And they said to you, “are you sure you want to go?” and you said “Yes, send me. I know my soul, where it came from and what it has learned.  I see, how I can make a difference, how I can be of service. I see the potential.  Yes, you said, send me”

All of the past lives you have had have been like classes, you see. One way or another you graduated from that class. Maybe you learned the lesson, maybe it took a few more lifetimes, maybe your still working on the refinement of that lesson. That’s why your here. To take everything you have learned and apply it now, both personally and to be of service to others. Your growing and stretching yourself more than ever before. With that, of course, trials can come up – again. But the lighthouse, it stands strong as the waves crash upon it. You are waking to your Higher Purpose.

What Personal Year are You in?


Virtually, anyone who has had any level of conversation with me since the beginning of the year knows how intrigued I am by the numerology of the Personal Year. Some may argue that I’m actually bordering being obsessed with it. Most of my hang ups are confined to the realm of hunky male actors. This enamorement shifts from time to time, usually landing back on Robert Downy Jr, although the title is currently being held by the very cute Jeremy Renner. Love delusions aside,  I found myself feeling the shift in my own numbers so strongly after the first of the year, that I couldn’t help but start to calculate the numbers of those around me. Every  person that I spoke to, and then conveyed the meaning of the number was astounded to find the accuracy in the number, or if they were not feeling it yet, were interested in understanding and knowing more about the energies of the year to come for them.

There is so much helpful information in knowing what Personal Year you are going into, and more importantly I believe that we are Feeling the vibrations of these numbers more than ever before. Numerology and Astrology have always influenced us in unseen ways, however, I’ve also noticed that as our consciousness has grown throughout the shift, our sensitivity and awareness of unseen influences and energies has also grown. Numerology is one of these categories where we are feeling the vibrations of the numbers even more than before. If you have noticed a significant shift in the way you feel about things in your life, what is happening in your life since the beginning of the year, or are just curious about what this year might have in store for you , you may want to take a look at your Personal Year number.

Knowing your Personal Year can help predict changes that may occur through the year and give you an idea of what type of energies to expect. Every year we shift, perceptions change, new opportunities are presented to us and different things feel important. Some say the changes can be felt as early as mid-December, but become stronger as the year go on.  Numerology is a huge area of study! There was a sweetheart of a guy on Facebook who actually did a full report for me, it was close to 80 pages long! I absolutely loved all of the information contained within it, however, if you are sort of all set with that level of know thyself, then you might just want to get a general overview by knowing your Personal Year. Below is how to calculate the Personal Year number as well as two of the better websites I found for meanings. The Carol Adrienne site has fantastic weekly forecasts, based on your Personal Year! Have Fun with this!!

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

    Simply add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

    For example, if your birthday is June (6th month) 15th,  add

           Month  +   Day  + 2014 = Personal Year

           0 + 6  +  1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 +  4 = 19  = 1 + 9=  10 =1+0= 1 Personal Year in 2014

Packing up your 2013 Boxes

violet flame2

There’s a whole new year on the horizon and your feeling like you would like to experience a new you. You’re ready to move forward and embrace the new. You’re Open, Excited and Passionate about the possibilities that await you. You’re setting out with the best of intentions, but something about those intentions seems familiar. Didn’t you make this same resolution last year? And the year before that?  The question really becomes, what has prevented you from being successful with those goals thus far in your life? In order to let the new in, you must to let the old go.

How many of you have made one New Year’s Resolution after another, ready to lose weight, be healthier, be happier, have more success, only to have these wishes fall apart within weeks of that promising January 1st date.

One of the reasons these New Year’s resolutions do not work, is because the blockages in the form of habits and energetic patterns are still there. Essentially you are still running old programs that are not supporting you in your new direction.

With the closing of the 3rd dimension back in 2012, it became increasingly easier to dissolve these old habits that are no longer serving you. Once the blockages are removed, the “new” that you’re wanting to attract has a more open, flowing pathway. There are many ways to move energy, and some assembly is required in every modality. In other words, take the time to sit and bring in the awareness of what the underlying pattern, habit, energy is that has been preventing you from reaching your desired goals.  Awareness is the key, and more than half the battle.  Some possible underlying energetics could include: Addiction, Laziness, Shame, Anger, Resentment, Lack. Once you’ve identified what you want to remove, you can follow these five super easy steps to dissolve the blocks:

  1. Think of something you no long want in your life. I want to be more organized this year. I will start to work on that pile of papers tomorrow or maybe next week sometime. Procrastination is the habit.
  2. Visualize a box, see the energy of whatever you’re looking to remove, going into the box, seal the box and label it. In this case Procrastination.
  3. Call in (ask for) and visualize the Violet Flame of Transmutation.
  4. Put the box in the Violet Flame and watch it as it burn’s and transmutes the energy back to All That Is.
  5. Be in an energy of Gratitude, Appreciation and Forgiveness for whatever the lessons were that you have been learning from what was in the box, everything serves.

If you find a pattern re-emerging, be still for a moment, take a breath and blaze the violet flame! It really is that simple.

violet flame