Alchemy Sessions

Jasmine has had the honor to study  with Jim Self and the Mastering Alchemy program for over 9 years. The Mastering Alchemy program is one of the foremost pathways on the planet for the dissemination of information on Alchemy.

As a alternative healer trained in multiple modalities, Jasmine began incorporating the Alchemical Principals that she had been trained in, into her own brand of Alchemical Healing.

Sessions with Jasmine are a powerful collaboration with Spirit that help guide, heal and move you forward into the next phase of your life and assist you in integrating the energetics of the person you came here to be!!

Session’s incorporate the Reading of Energetic Fields, Application of Alchemical Principals, and the Guidance to help you get where you want to be!!

Sessions are multi-dimensional in nature, allowing for the encompassing and expansion for the energies to reach many levels of your being.  Sessions are found to be extremely transformative on a very deep level.

Sessions are up to an hour and a half long

Sessions are available via phone, Skype or in person

Cost: $125.00


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