Abundance Conciousness


Abundance thinking can not exist within limited thinking. It is part of a creative process, that is not limited to finances or money as some may relate it to. Abundance is the opposite of lack and limitation. As a creator there will be within you always, a desire to create! Abundance is directly related to the desire to create. If you have dissatisfaction in your life or your creative process has become stagnate, begin again to dwell in the realm of possibilities………..it is within this realm that you will see the hopes, ideas, wishes and desires, your heart races a little faster, there is an excitement, an energy, a YES!

If you wish to become a more conscious creator in your life, begin to notice the thoughts, habits, and beliefs that are stopping you from dwelling in the creative realms, the imagination and are therefore blocking the flow of anything you choose to create from entering your life. The noticing itself, will begin to dissolve the pattern. Its called “catching the thought” Begin then, to replace the patterns of lack and limitation with patterns of possibility and potential’s.

The Universe is made up of infinite possibilities and is constantly asking you what do you want? Activate your Abundance consciousness for yourself !