Connection Points

Is it not the little things that we experience in this life that matter most to our hearts? Our hearts have voices that have been shut away in silence for far too long, yet there are little intimacy’s that come along to remind us, that the heart is there, begging to be opened, and that there is inside you a soul who desperately wants to  come out to play.

How can you not fall into the sweetness that blooms from the hug of a 2 or 3 year old child? Their innocence of life draped around you, like warm waters lapping the shoreline of some secret and secluded pond. Holding a newborn baby in your arms, the gentle touch of a lover’s hand, the knowing look between timeless friends, the silent speechless moments of connection where we can find no words and our language becomes a thing of limitation. These are the flashes of time that we take with us when our journey here is done.

It’s the encounters with the souls that come into our lives that emphasize the need for us to laugh often, those who prompt us to listen and dance to the music, forever reminding us that it is safe to be here, that there is a sacred weave to life, all leaving us thanking whatever god’s we have, that we are not alone.

Isn’t that what has brought us to the slathering of tears and the depths of longing, the feeling of utter aloneness, and not being understood.  We are beings utterly exhausted from struggling to fit in, be accepted and be perfect. We have learned to hide so well from ourselves, from our authenticity and from each other. I urge you to give up the monumental undertaking of trying to be perfect on an imperfect stage, instead witness the perceived imperfections as part of this whole comical screen play we call life. Stop trying to be accepted by everyone and everything, you are not going to fit in everywhere you go,  and not everyone is going to accept you, ultimately that that has nothing to do with you.

Be fierce in the acceptance of yourself and embrace the unique magic within you. Nobody can be you! The souls that are meant to find you will come, they’re awaiting your arrival as well, you must trust this. You will know them when you see them, it will be in the feeling, an almost tangible resonance will be around.  There will be no more hiding and comparing yourselves to others, for these companions will love you as you are.  Sit wide open, with your arms around these little things that matter the most, these little connection points we find along the way.  Color outside the lines, sing songs, walk barefoot on this beautiful planet earth, and allow yourself, however briefly or lengthy it may be, to be touched by another’s soul.