Being Here on Purpose


You chose to come into form at this time, on this planet for a very particular reason. Reasons that only you know, reasons you may not even remember right now, fully, but there is a sense, a sense of why you came and a feeling of aspiration. You feel that desire deep within you at times, that longing for something more, to know your purpose and fulfill it. Your subtle senses pick up the vibration of freedom and ease that comes to you in a future time moment, no more pushing against. If only you could find it. Why are you here?

The Shift continues to bring up challenges for all of us, deep, big and sometimes very painful. You feel alone, you think your separate, for the suffering is what you see and the chaos all around you is what you feel. It is what you are all to familiar with. But there is another reality, a bigger reality underneath all of that. And you are NOT alone. There is more help for you than you can possibly imagine, just waiting in the wings, waiting to be called upon.

There was a time, a time before you came into your body, where you leaned into the wind and you looked, and there were many around you standing at your side. And they said to you, “are you sure you want to go?” and you said “Yes, send me. I know my soul, where it came from and what it has learned.  I see, how I can make a difference, how I can be of service. I see the potential.  Yes, you said, send me”

All of the past lives you have had have been like classes, you see. One way or another you graduated from that class. Maybe you learned the lesson, maybe it took a few more lifetimes, maybe your still working on the refinement of that lesson. That’s why your here. To take everything you have learned and apply it now, both personally and to be of service to others. Your growing and stretching yourself more than ever before. With that, of course, trials can come up – again. But the lighthouse, it stands strong as the waves crash upon it. You are waking to your Higher Purpose.