Energy Healing Testimonials

“I first met Jasmine Heffernan for a private session in June of 2014. All I knew was that she came highly recommended, and her specialty was Alchemy. My only understanding of Alchemy was that it related to transformation….which was fitting……because it has been my experience since our first meeting that Jasmine truly transformed my life.

 Over the years during my spiritual journey, I have worked with a number of energy practitioners. Most of them were remarkable in their own way. But working with Jasmine brought my level of consciousness, as well as the degree of healing and clearing, to a whole new level. My experience with Jasmine involved chakra clearing on the table, various exercises and meditations, and having deep, meaningful conversations as she was guided by spirit.
She is stoic, yet compassionate….wise and insightful……and no nonsense. She knows exactly what the issues are….where to look ….and what to say or do. She’s fierce in her approach to resolve your struggle. But does so with so much love. Her work is her passion. She takes your needs to heart. My sense is that she is surrounded by all the guides, spirits and angels. And with their assistance, along with her deep desire to heal, she shifts and alters the course of your life in such a profound way.
I could go on and on with specifics, but let me simply share something I said to Jasmine the last time I saw her. I said, “You know Jaz…..you sit there so calm and cool and confident….such serenity on your face. So subtle. But my sense is you have such an amazing amount of power bubbling in you, that if you walked by a mountain you could blow a hole right through it if you wanted to.” Some would say hyperbole. …maybe a little over the top. But I know what I’m talking about, and I believe all this to be true.
Anyone considering sitting with Jasmine, be prepared for a truly life-changing experience. I owe her a great deal. As cliché’ as it sounds…she changed my life.” ~ RR, Marshfield MA
“Jasmine, Thank you  SO much for your insight, your help, and your never ending kindness.   You are so amazingly good at what you do, we are all so lucky to have you!!” ~ MN, Plymouth MA
” Thank you for giving life to my tired soul! It is you that holds the door open for the divine to enter. I have seen many healers in my time, what I can tell you is that Jasmine is a gifted and accurate channel for spirit  in so many ways. Her sessions are a blessing in my life, thank you for doing what you do!” MC, Duxbury MA
“Thinking back on my session with Jasmine, I was aware of the “cloudiness” in my head when I first arrived. By the time she was done with the session it was like looking at the stars in the night sky of an Arizona desert. I have not had this kind of clarity in quite some time. Thank you Jasmine!” ~ MK, Braintree MA

“I have not felt this relaxed in years! Thank you Jasmine for your kindness and support. I really needed you to come into my life!” ~ MM, Scituate MA






“I showed up to my first appointment with Jasmine worried and confused, after only 2 appointments I feel, I believe, that I am OK. Its not just the energy work she does, its also her words, its like everything she says has a special meaning if you are just willing to listen and hear it.” ~ AD, Marshfield MA





Creating Your Personal Powerfield Workshop Testimonials

 “Jasmine is a gifted and amazing teacher/healer. I’m in the level 3 year 2 Mastering Alchemy program and had the honor to participate in the class she taught in Burlington, Vermont! It was a joy to observe Jasmine teaching the Mastering Alchemy, Creating Your Personal Powerful Field. It was an amazing experience to watch people that are near and dear to my heart, receive powerful tools that will enhance and change their lives forever! Jasmine has the ability to engage people in such a way; where learning is fun, everyone feels her strong presence, gifted style of teaching, fun loving spirit and respect she holds for each individual. Thank you Jasmine and keep sharing your beautiful presence:-) With love/gratitude and appreciation”. ML ~Vermont


“Mastering Alchemy, Creating Your Personal Power Field, is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever utilized in my personal life as well as in my healing practice. The Creating of my own personal power field has been empowering and has brought me to a clearer state of ease in my day to day life. The tools are easy and Jasmine engages with you; in a fun and playful way. These tools are hands down essential to our current life styles, no matter what walk of life. Thank you Jasmine, I have so much gratitude for you and the work”. J.R. Pembroke MA

“The Creating Your Personal Power Field class was awesome! I loved learning to use the tools you taught to help me make my desires a reality, as well as to help me own my own power. In other words, to not allow others to walk all over me (something I allowed to happen often in my life). Your class has also taught me to not allow others to invade my space, thoughts or actions. It has taught me to not have any fear over trying to achieve what I want to achieve. It’s only the beginning, but I have already seen significant results. Oh, and one last thing, (this is a biggie for me) it has allowed me to enjoy being by myself, instead of always needing to surround myself with other (for approval??? – not quite sure why I always did this) but I am seeking more solitude, and enjoying it! ) Thank you, Jasmine, it has been life changing!” L.A. Hanover MA


  1. Melissa Marshall says:

    Jasmine is a blessing. She is a wonderful healer and guide, with ability to connect with kindness, wit, and humor. She is attentive and intuitive, in touch with all the elements essential for creating an intimate healing environment. The karmic cleansing she facilitated for me was potent and the effects were immediate. Jasmine introduced helpful (and effective) tools for grounding and releasing. I find myself using the process and imagery often. When I engaged in the distance healing in Colorado, I experienced profound growth in my relationship with myself and my partner. My ability to move forward into the space I am in today is a direct result of the work I did with Jasmine. When in Massachusetts, in person, I was fortunate to enjoy a reiki healing session with Jasmine that was illuminating. I am very much looking forward to experiencing Jasmine’s healing and guidance in the future. Looks like I will be due for another distance healing now that I am in SW Florida!

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